Mineral Attractants & Feed

Apple Bomb Deer Attractant 20 Lb



Apple Bomb by Redmond Hunt is a super effective long-range deer attractant. It's enticing aroma pulls deer from afar and its highly palatable protein ingredients with added vitamins and minerals keeps them coming back for more.Specifications and...

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Big & J BB2 Granular Long Range Deer Attractant



Big & J BB2 Granular Long Range Deer Attractant is a nutrient-rich, protein packed, powerful aroma that deer cannot resist. BB2 is an extra strong attractant that allows deer to smell it from long distances and encourages them to bypass other lures along...

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Pure Premium Molasses



Deer, bears and hogs crave sugar, and molasses has plenty of it. This concentration of pure molasses draws in wildlife with sweet aromas and long-lasting flavor. It's perfect for year-round nutrition supplementation — especially through cold winters when...

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White Gold 18k Liquid Gold



18k Liquid Gold is a powerful nutritional attractant with high levels of protein and minerals to maximize your herds antler growth, bone development and overall health. 18k Liquid Gold packs a protein blast at 18 percent which can be used as a stand...

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White Gold Gold Dust Attractant 20 lb.



Gold Dust is a year round attractant feed, design to draw deer in with its strong natural aroma and keep them coming back with its great taste. Gold Dust is more than just an attractant as it contains over 18 percent protein which has a direct effect to...

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