Speed Loaders

HKS Revolver Speedloader S&W 10-1, 10A



The HKS Revolver Speedloader instantly drops cartridges with just the slightest twist, loading the entire cylinder of your revolver. Strong metal points hold cartridges securely in the lightweight polymer body until released. The knurled aluminum knob...

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Maglula Magazine Loader and Unloader Sig MPX



The Maglula Magazine Loader and Unloader is simple and easy to use. It fits Sig MPX SMG 9mm magazines, version one and two, and has been tested and combat proven. The MPX Loader is reliable in all weather conditions and prolongs the life of your...

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Caldwell AR Mag Charger AR-15 Magazine Loader



The Caldwell AR-15 Magazine Charger changes the way you will load you AR-15 magazines. With this innovative design, you can take 50 rounds of ammunition and load it all into two magazines in less than 15 seconds. This will make your magazine loading...

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Caldwell Universal Pistol Magazine Loader, 110002



The Caldwell Universal pistol loader Mag charger makes hand loading pistol magazines two times faster! the Universal pistol loader works with both single-stack and double-stack magazines. It loads 9mm, 10mm,.357,.40cal and.45 Cal ammo. All you have to do...

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