Hi-Point Firearms - Not Your Red Headed Step Gun

Posted by SF on Jul 21st 2022

Hi-Point Firearms -  Not Your Red Headed Step Gun

The meaning of red-headed stepchild is clear enough: it’s used to describe a person who is neglected, mistreated or unwanted. The evidence shows that it was originally American; it has spread not only to Canada but also to the UK, though it’s unusual here and almost always appears in writing by Americans.

Hi-Point delivers some of, if not the, most affordable pistols on the market. Hi-Point Firearms typically sell between a half and one-quarter of what a comparable-chambered firearm from most other manufacturers costs. If you have ever done a search on the internet looking for budget-friendly guns, then the Hi-Point is probably among the top results. Hi-Point has been making affordable handguns and carbines for nearly two decades. Street price for a 9mm handgun is $170 and you can buy 2 or 3 Hi- Point carbines and ammunition for the price of one carbine made by the so-called brand-name companies.

Despite the jeers and derisive comments that one gets from many gun owners upon the first mention of Hi-Point, the fact is these guns are selling and reliable. If you mention either of them to a lot of gun-savvy folks, you are going to get a half-smile and the response, they are ugly, but they work, or words to that effect. Devoted fans have been extolling the simple, reliable, low-retail-cost nature of the handguns and inexpensive carbines, while others have been critical of the products for being cumbersome, lacking in aesthetics, and having a less-than-stellar level of accuracy. While we admit Hi-Point does not produce flashy, beautiful guns, it is difficult to argue that, viewed as a tool, the Hi-Points really do provide plenty of value to a value-minded consumer.


Most Hi-Point firearms are available in black powder coating and hydro- dipped finishes with Desert Digital, Woodland Camo, or Pink Country Girl Camo. Hi-Point firearms are rugged, made in Ohio and have a lifetime guarantee. When the keyboard warriors quit their typing, and the gun experts and power brokers remove their biases, you will find the Hi-Point Firearms get solid reviews. Bottom line is If you want a gun that goes off with every trigger pull, and you want one that is inexpensive, a Hi-Point is going to get it done.

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