Never Miss Again -Leupold CDS Rifle Scopes

Posted by SF on Jul 25th 2022

Never Miss Again -Leupold CDS Rifle Scopes


We have all heard hunters talk about the animal they harvested at a great distance by holding the crosshairs of the scope on top the animals back and pulling the trigger. More times than not this results in a crippled animal or a miss rather than a trophy on the ground. Not a happy ending!

Would you not rather dial in the yardage, place the crosshairs on the kill zone and confidently squeeze off the shot? Well, the folks at Leupold made this possible in 2014 and it is astonishing how many consumers still are not aware of the solution today. For those of you who do not yet know let us introduce you to the Leupold CDS (Custom Dial System) series of scopes. Today Leupold manufactures 66 different CDS models ranging from the Freedom series all the way to VX-6. All the various models can be viewed at CDS SCOPE OPTIONS No more cheat sheets taped to the side of your stock or hashmarks to count. Range it, dial it and pull the trigger!

The process is very simple. Purchase a CDS scope GET FAST FREE SHIPPING ON CDS SCOPES Send Leupold specific data and they will make and send you a custom dial. The best news is the first dial is FREE. Additional dials are $80 each allowing you to own 1 rifle and multitask by using different dials. Hunt antelope in the morning and elk at 8,000 feet in the afternoon with no worry about how your rife will perform. Just simply switch out the dial to match your conditions and loads.

So, you are wondering what data? This is what Leupold needs:

Serial Number


Bullet Type

Bullet Weight (Gr)

Ballistic Coefficient

Actual Muzzle Velocity

Average Altitude

Average Temperature

Sight in Zero (Yds)

Sight Height

Phone #

All this information can be easily entered at REQUIRED INFORMATION

With the CDS system none of us have an excuse. We owe it to the game we hunt to make the shot as cleanly and efficiently as possible. 


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